6 Miracle Recipes Against Bloating

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Are you experiencing bloating, flatulence, abdominal pain, often accompanied by constipation crisis and would you like to know some natural remedies to say goodbye to these discomforts? The following solutions will give you the relief you want.

1. Figs and grapes at breakfast to reduce swelling
To reduce intestinal bloating, which can make you feel uncomfortable during the day, prepare a homemade gourmet drink made with figs and grapes in the morning. It will have the virtue of immediately regulating its transit during the day while eliminating gas and flatulence. To prepare it, cut four fresh figs in quarters and put them, together with 10-15 grapes, in a saucepan, pour the equivalent to a bowl of milk and heat over low heat for 15 minutes. Enjoy.

Tip: if you can not find figs because it’s not the season, you can try the dried figs.

2. A juice of prunes to awaken the night traffic
Another anti-inflammatory drink to drink every morning: plum juice! For this, at night, leave 3 pitted plums soaking in a glass of water to be placed in your refrigerator overnight. In the morning, wake up, remove the plums from the glass and swallow the juice. It is known that prunes contain dietary fiber that prevents constipation and facilitates digestion.

3. Olive oil in the morning to fight against constipation
In case of acute constipation, you can also swallow a teaspoon of olive oil twice a day, until the disappearance of the stomach hurts. Olive oil is a fabulous remedy against swelling and constipation, it is cheap and is often found in our kitchen cabinets. Just try it.

4. Sage to limit flatulence
To limit intestinal gas, do not use excess starches, sweet foods, dairy products and fried foods … They are known to promote bloating. As for dried vegetables, often responsible for flatulence, add three sage leaves in the cooking water.

5. Magnesium chloride against swelling
It is a well-known remedy of our grandmothers. Magnesium chloride has a natural laxative effect. Therefore, if abdominal and stomach pain bothers you from time to time, take one or two glasses of magnesium chloride per day for two days or 20 g diluted in one liter of water. Constipation and intestinal gas will soon be distant memories.

6. An infusion of mint at night against flatulence
At night, before going to bed and to avoid stomach problems related to a state of temporary or chronic constipation, prepare an infusion of dried leaves of mint. Drink it at night after the meal, but do not hesitate to take it after a meal that is too rich and too fat. Repeat the procedure until the flatulence disappears.

Constipation and bloating can ruin your life quickly … Fortunately, these miraculous recipes will make you smile again. But, above all, if your stomach pain is quite recurrent, nothing better than a good consultation with your doctor, because you never know what this can hide! …

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