8 Simple Tips Against Heartburn

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You are subject to heartburn, it hurts, sometimes it wakes you up at night … In short, these heart burns are really uncomfortable and painful. Whether chronic or untimely, you can use some tips from our grandmothers who have proven their effectiveness for a long time. Obviously, the number one tip to eradicating heartburn is to eat light and avoid dishes that have too much fat, but when you can not do anything else, you can try the following tips.

1. Soda to dispel heartburn
Did you know that too much food can cause a horrible stomach ache a few hours later? To avoid pain, drink a large glass of sparkling water at the end of the meal. And be careful to eat a little lighter and until it is full (that is, until you are hungry) on your next meal.

2. Clay to calm heartburn
It’s all over again, it burns you and you have uncomfortable acid reflux. Drink a large glass of plain water to which you will have added a teaspoon of clay quickly. Clay will act as a plaster in your digestive tract and will prevent acid ascents and pain. Be careful, if you constipate easily, you should avoid healing this grandmother.

3. Bicarbonate or vinegar to aid digestion
If you visit gastric reflux only once in a while, when you eat a meal too rich and rich, you can drink a large glass of water containing a teaspoon of baking soda or two teaspoons of cider vinegar. These two will help your digestion by stopping your heartburn.

4. Lemon for gastric acidity
Contrary to popular belief, the acidity of lemons is not bad for the stomach. In fact, lemon juice facilitates digestion and effectively combats heartburn. Therefore, consider using it in the kitchen, in a salad, in a hodgepodge, wherever you want, even in infusion. And that’s fine!

5. Chewing gum to reduce gastroesophageal reflux
One of the obvious but little known things of our grandmothers is chewing gum in a crisis. This will increase the flow of saliva in your mouth and neutralize the gastric juices that make you suffer so much. Always remember to have a packet of chewing gum at your fingertips.

6. Mustard to prevent acid reflux
You feel stomach ache … To avoid spoiling your day, tell them immediately by swallowing a teaspoon of mustard. If you do not feel well, place this spoon on a slice of toast. This will certainly lessen it and prevent heartburn from persisting.

7. Potato juice to relieve stomach pain
Here is a very old thing that works all the time! Prepare your own potato juice by peeling and grating potatoes. You should harvest a few drops of his juice. A teaspoon should be enough to instantly soothe those annoying pains.

8. An infusion of basil to reduce stomach discomfort and swelling
Are stomach discomfort, swelling, stomachaches, heartburn … your daily routine? In case of prolonged illness, infuse 15 g of dried basil in one liter of boiling water each night. After a few days, the infusion of basil will undoubtedly cure the frequent troubles of the stomach.

Be careful, all these tips are effective as long as the stomach pains are transient and infrequent. Otherwise, we strongly recommend that you make an appointment with your GP to determine the true cause of your pain.

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