How to avoid heartburn

You may probably be suffering from frequent heart burns that really make you feel uncomfortable. The previous generations, our grand mothers are included, had suggested many tips that we can follow in order to avoid this problem. These tips have been proved how effective they are and how much positive impact they have when it comes to fighting heartburn.

First of all, you got to avoid as much as you can junk food and all what contains much fat. You’d better eat light for your own healthy sake.


  • SODA:

Generally speaking, eating much food drives you to a gravest stomachache just few time later. So in order to avoid such a pain, try the first tip we mentioned above; that is eating as light as you can. You ought to eat and stop until you feel hungry again, then you can have your following meal. Otherwise, it’s going to be one of the first pain causes we talked about. You also ought to have some sparkling water to drink directly after finishing every meal.

<= So, Soda helps dispelling heartburn!


  • CLAY:

In a case of heartburn, you’d better use some clay… How? This article will inform you.

Add a teaspoon of clay to a glass of water and drink it. This decreases heart burns with its uncomfortable acid reflux. In fact, acid in this way plays a major role in preventing acid ascents by being like a plaster on the level of your digestive tract, and so lessons the pain. However, you’d better avoid such a treatment whether you have easy constipation.

<=  So, clay calms heart burns!



Bicarbonate work as well here, you can for instance add a spoon of bicarbonate to a glass of water composed of baking soda too. You can also add two teaspoons of acid vinegar. This is especially if you had a very rich meal. The two components mentioned will aid you digestate, and so decrease or even stop heartburn.

<= So, Bicarbonate and vinegar help you digestate!


  • LEMON:

So many people wrongly believe that lemon acidity is probably not good for the stomach and may cause heartburn. However, this is not true. Lemon plays an important role when it comes to make it easy for digestation as well as fighting heartburn. Which means that you ought to use it in your meal. You can add it to salads or wherever, the essential is that you employ it, and it’s going to have its  perfect effect.

<=  So, lemon combats gastric acidity!



Chewing gum is a part of things they are very famous by their great effect when it comes to eliminating heartburn, but unknown to our grand mothers. It fights the gastric juices that are responsible for the pain you feel  through rising the amount of your mouth saliva.

<=  So, chewing gum decreases the gastroesophageal reflux.



Take immediately a teaspoon of mustard whether you have any stomach ache , it’s going to make your day better. Otherwise, you can put it on a toast that’s going to decrease it and stop heartburn.

<=  So, mustard prevents acid reflux!



You ought to use potato juice that is an old solution, but it does its work as well. Easy to be done: peel and grate potatoes, then drink some drops. Generally, a teaspoon is sufficient to lesson the pain.

<=  So, potato juice eliminates stomach pain!


  • BASIL:

Basil has a magic effect on disappearing stomach discomfort. Whether you are suffering from pain for a long time, you should boil one liter of water with about 15 g of dried basil and use it every day night. Few time later, you will notice the absence of pain and stomach troubles.

<=  So, basil is great to lesson stomachache!


Pay attention! All the tips mentioned above can be followed in case of infrequent pain. Otherwise, you’de better consult a GP in order to recognize what is the problem exactly!

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