Reasons to avoid Soda for your kids!

Everyone around the world loves refreshing drinks, they achieve great amounts of sale that can be estimated in 4 billions soft drinks. They are mainly appreciated, however people are not really conscious of what these drinks are composed of?

These drinks contain a lot of sugar, even though it is not toxic, but it is one of the main causes of weight excess, and so becoming a fat person. This had been scientifically proved and the authorities of health have confirmed it.

What is not good, in scientific terms, is fructose as an ingredient that may cause some gravest diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases… etc Chronic diseases in general.

It is mostly used by agri-food industries since it is cheaper than the White sugar (Sucrose).

Coca cola is the greatest example, it is full of Sugar, in fact 1 liter of Coca contains about 115 g of sugar.

Inspite the fact that people know the subsequences of over drinking it, Coca cola remains achieving the highest amount of sale among all the other sugar drinks. Every person around the world drinks 60 liters except fruit juices or syrups. Further, young category is the most fidel to buy it, their ages are between 12 and 19 years old.

  • Sweetners instead of Sugar!

In order to solve the problem and save their drinks, they changed sugar by using sweetners. They found out that these drinks version is -30% of Sugar, which they call “light drinks ». However, it is a new problem hiding the previous one. As we mentioned above, sugar is replaced by these sweetners such as Stevia, acesulfame K or aspartame that are mostly famous. The aspartame is more used in higher amount, in fact, they discovered that it is one of brain cancer causes or epilepsy. In order to be proved, many studies have been carried out and finally confirmed its dangerous effects on health in general.

Patients who suffer from phenylketonuria are not allowed to drink them, because they make some troubles when it comes to amino acid digestion (Phenylalanine). Yet, you rather know that this compound is generated by the aspartame.

The sweetners are not proved yet to be helpful in losing weight, it was confirmed as well that they are not fully harmless.

So it is crucial to avoid much drinks for your kids, especially if they are under 3 years old. Iced tea is included as well.

  • Caffeine dangers!

Whenever buying a drink, what attracts our attention are these written labels such as “Caffeine taste » while caffeine is tasteless. It is one of marketing tricks in order to sell their products. So, parents in such a case don’t give it attention and become careless about it. However, it rather be written “Coffee flavor », that is not good for advertising.

Actually, caffeine is much more known by its motivating and stimulating effects more than  the aromatic ones. What is somehow weird is that these drinks; including Coca cola and iced tea never showed that the caffeine is one of their ingredients except if you taste it.

For this purpose, many studies have been carried out in order to show to people what do their kids drink. As a result, they found out that 1 Liter of Pepsy for instance is composed of about 100 mg of caffeine, that in turn equals from 1 to 2 cups of coffee.

It is advised, in the US, for children aged between 7 and 9 years old to drink about 62.5 mg per day (As a maximum). However, if you are over consumers, let us inform you that it will cost you much. It affects your health that is priceless.

Many reasons encourage you to go beyond these drinks such as the healthy  problems it causes, giving the example of stress, insomnia, anxiety, irritability…etc that are really terrible.

Until today, these factories still using same ingredients and hiding other dangerous ones thanks to the “Industrial secret” which serves them to show  only some recipes and allows them to hide others like Caffeine that is not shown by the exact quantity, sugar, alcohol… etc. They are obviously out of law, so we have to be all conscious of what do w we drink and specially what our kids drink!

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